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For Commercial and Residential Needs


Whether your event is an elegant wedding, a corporate picnic, a convention, an exhibit, a celebration or a seminar, start with the Original Anchor Party Tent.

These pole tents are specifically designed to shelter, protect and enhance special events. Strong and durable, these tents can assume nearly any configuration to meet the demands of the occasion.

Pole tents satisfy the customer’s needs or requirements for a “Traditional” look while providing a considerable price savings.

This price savings translates into the fastest return on your investment dollars.


All sizes of frame tents 40/0 or smaller in widths are available. Standard sizes are 9′, 12′, 16′, 20′, 30′ and 40′ in width and variable in length. We also have the capability to build custom sizes if desired.

Frame tents are popular because they offer no interior centerpoles and can be placed in locations where staked tents may not and are easy to erect and transport.


All self set up tents are a great “Do-it-yourself” unit that installs in minutes. Lightweight and compact for easy transport, storage and handling.

Each canopy comes complete with aluminum poles and steel stakes. Guy ropes are attached to the tops to prevent misplacing them and to allow for simple, fast installation adjustments. Storage bags and simple, illustrated, step-by-step installation instructions are included.



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